NecroBones Enterprises
Rising Zombies

Here at NecroBones Enterprises, we pride ourselves on the occasional success in raising the dead to do our bidding. It's reasonably well known that zombies are amongst the easier forms of undead to raise, though they tend to be more stupid, slower, and of less use than other forms of undead beings.

An unanticipated side effect of creating our computer network is that we're increasing the size of our legions of undead without even trying! One of our servers (coincidentally named 'zombie') seems to have already started down this road. Take a look at the following screen-capture of a terminal session running 'top' on Zombie: (get it? Terminal? Ahahah!!)

Zombie display

As you can see, the digital revolution is aiding in not only every-day mundane tasks, but also the undead hoardes as well.. Muahahahaah!!!! Ahaa eheee ehee ehee Bwaaahaaahaaa!!!